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Software Description: WorkshopData ATI, now also name ATRIS Technik based on Vivid's technical database, is Europe's most extensive compilation of automotive database.

OURS IS Multilingual INCLUDING English ,french, spanish , italian, deutsch, portugues etc BUT OTHERS’ HAS ONLY english version.

It takes as its basis the technical database of Vivid, which is the code data of vehicles of Europe completely. The professional version includes basic information about the maintenance and repair, adjustment data, technical drawings, fuses and relays, diagnostic trouble codes and data management engine. Likewise includes diagrams for electric air conditioning systems.

Vivid WorkshopData ATI includes more repair manuals than any other technical data product.
All manuals combine text with images and drawings (actually more than 40,000 and growing).
It includes engine management data of an unrivalled quality and quantity.Its content does
not allow comparison.

Additional modules include: electrical diagrams (comfort electronics) and Repair Times.