Toyota Fortuner 2011 Workshop Manual


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Toyota Fortuner 2011 Workshop Manual
Size: 132mb
Language: English
Type: html

-Installation / Removal
-Electrical Wiring Diagram
-Body Repair
-Service Specifications
-Service Data Sheet
-Service Bulletin
*Technical Description
-New Car Features

Fortuner2011WorkshopManual_1.jpg Fortuner2011WorkshopManual_2.jpg Fortuner2011WorkshopManual_3.jpg Fortuner2011WorkshopManual_4.jpg
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the manual is not in English

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please do not mislead people placing false titles and false images

not recommend this document as it indicates is anything but
The Fortuner is not offered in Japan, Europe, North America, Australasia, or China. For the medium pick-up based SUV segment in those markets, Toyota offers the Hilux Surf (Japan), 4Runner (North America) and Land Cruiser Prado (Europe, Australasia and China). However, in some Central American countries (Panama for example), Toyota offers the Fortuner alongside the 4Runner and Land Cruiser Prado.

Markets: Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, South Africa, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Jamaica,


Dear all,

What's the happening? This is a manual of Toyota Fortuner from 2-2009 to 9-2010 and 9-2010 on. This cover is Vietnamese Language but the contents are English. Do you have any problems?