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The program RENAULT WIRING DIAGRAMS contains electric circuits, block diagrams, kinds on sockets and circuits of accommodation of elements.
Has rather simple interface and it is undemanding to resources of a computer.

Language: Multi language

Cars Covered in this version:

Avantime D66 NT8197A 2002_02_04
Avantime D66 NT8204A 2002_04_15
Avantime D66 NT8226A 2003_04_01

Clio L65 Mersocur NT8166E 2000
Clio L65 NT8185A
Clio L65 NT8201A 2002_02_18
Clio L65 NT8253A 2004_05_08
Clio X65 NT8181A 2001_03_19
Clio X65 NT8192A 2002_06_11
Clio X65 NT8207A
Clio X65 NT8234A 2003_01_01
Clio X85 NT8277A 06-2005

Espace J81 NT8174A
Espace J81 NT8219A 2003_01_01
Espace J81 NT8241A 2003_04_14
Espace J81 NT8248A 2003_09_01
Espace J81 NT8284A ? 13-06-2005
Espace JEO NT8166A ? 09-2000

Kangoo X76 NT8135 1998
Kangoo X76 NT8149 1999
Kangoo X76 NT8159A 2000
Kangoo X76 NT8172A ? 03-04-2000
Kangoo X76 NT8182A 2000_12_18
Kangoo X76 NT8182A ? 18-12-2000
Kangoo X76 NT8193A 2001_06_25
Kangoo X76 NT8224
Kangoo X76 NT8237A 2003_07_01
Kangoo X76 NT8251A 2004_03_15

Laguna X56 NT8132A 1998
Laguna X56 NT8146A 1999
Laguna X562 NT8157A 2000
Laguna X74 NT8183A 2001_01_22
Laguna X74 NT8218A 2002_05_01
Laguna X74 NT8236A 2002_11_18
Laguna X74 NT8240A 2003_11_17
Laguna X74 NT8254A 2004_06_21
Laguna X74 NT8282A ? 22-04-2005
Logan L90 NT9800 c 07-2004

Master X70 NT8189A 2000_11_06
Master X70 NT8225A 2003_10_01

Megane II
Megane II X84 NT8206A
Megane II X84 NT8220A c 02_09_2002
Megane II X84 NT8222A
Megane II X84 NT8227A 2003_01_01
Megane II X84 NT8228A 2003_11_17
Megane II X84 NT8266 b 28-06-2004

Megane Scenic
Megane Scenic II X84 NT8267A ? 28-06-2004
Megane Scenic X64 NT8131A 1998
Megane Scenic X64 NT8145 1999
Megane Scenic X64 NT8230A 2002_06_02
Megane X64 NT8130A 1998
Megane X64 NT8144A 1999
Megane X64 NT8155A 2000
Megane X64 NT8164A 1999
Megane X642 NT8169A b 25-10-1999

Modus J77 NT 8246A

Scenic J84 NT8221A
Scenic J84 NT8229A 2003_12_01
Scenic J84 NT8268A b 16-10-2004
Scenic X64 NT8156A 2000
Scenic X64 NT8200A 2002_03_25

Trafic X83 NT8175A
Trafic X83 NT8188A 2001_03_17
Trafic X83 NT8256A 2004_06_07
Trafic X83 NT8265A b 20-12-2004
Trafic X83 NT8285A c 15-03-2005

Twingo X06 NT8190A 2001_01_01
Twingo X06 NT8232A 2003_02_01

Vels Satis
Vel Satis X73 NT8176A
Vel Satis X73 NT8202A 2002_02_18
Vel Satis X73 NT8217A
Vel Satis X73 NT8243A 2003_05_27
Vel Satis X73 NT8247A 2003_05_27
Vel Satis X73 NT8269A b 18-04-2005
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