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Isuzu E-IDSS/G-IDSS keygen + instruction

1) before install IDSS run keymaker, generate lic file and save it to C:\ProgramData\G-IDSS
NOTE: you must run keymaker on PC where IDSS is installed and which you want activate
2) after IDSS was installed, find file DiagnosticSrvcSys.pts in C:\Program Files\G-IDSS
copy it into keymaker folder if it differ
3) run keymaker, generate new lic file and save it to C:\ProgramData\G-IDSS
4) copy IDSS_STARTUP.exe and IDSS_STARTUP.exe.config files into folder C:\Program Files\G-IDSS\bin (near G-IDSS.exe or E-IDSS.exe)
5) open IDSS_STARTUP.exe.config in notepad and edit IDSS_EXE_NAME value. write IDSS exe name which you have (for e.g. E-IDSS.exe or G-IDSS.exe)
6) make shortcut for IDSS_STARTUP.exe, copy it to DESKTOP and run it everytime instead of original exe

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