Ford ECAT 2015-10 + Patch + Instruction

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Ford ECAT EUROPE [10.2015]
Spare Parts Catalog and labor Times catalog for Ford of European market.

Region: Europe
Type: Spare Parts Catalog and labor Times
Languages: English, Hungarian, Dutch, Danish, Spanish, Italian, Mexican, German, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, French, Czech, Swedish
Version: 5.17.01 (0E5FG)
Developer: Ford Motor Company
OS: WinXP, Windows7
Quantity of CD: 1 DVD DL
Year: 2015
Date of update: 10/2015
Medicine: Present

Pass: Thanks + Reply to get pass.

Ecat is the Electronic Parts Catalogue from Ford that’s incredibly useful for all users interested in parts information. Areas such as parts identification, vehicle identification and supersession search have been designed with the user in mind - easy to use and effectiveness being of paramount importance.

Please note that the installation of FordEcat requires a minimum on hardware and software:
Network (server): P-IV 1.3 GHz or higher, 512 MB* / 1.0 GB** / 2.0 GB*** RAM(recommended: Pentium 2 GHz or higher, 1.0 GB RAM or higher), minimum free space 6 GB, DVD drive
*up to 3 workstations; **up to 10 workstations; ***up to 20 workstations

Network (client): Minimum P-III 700 MHzWin XP (recommended: P-IV 1.3 GHz or higher), minimum 256 MB RAM,MS Internet Explorer 5.5-6.x

Microsoft and your FordEcat Service do not recommend installing on a domain controller, exchange server, existing SQL server or special servers with high performance requirements!

Installation Guide:

1st of all manage to have all ready installed Java Platform in your PC!
Then, DISABLE your Anti-Virus & your Firewall Software and also
DISABLE Windows Firewall!

Now, you can start to install Ford e-CAT 2.2011:
1. Mount the image (.iso) and then choose your language
2. Select Install/update
3. Accept the warning message
4. Choose NO Automatic update and choose Manual! Then accept the warning message
5. Choose Letter Drive C: (or D: if you planning to install e-CAT in 1
other partition) but DO NOT change the Default Installation folder!
Leave it as it is: FordEcat
5. Chooce "Tick" the language/s that you want to having in your e-CAT System
6. Chooce the Default option about installation and DO NOT choose the other
about "Experts"...
7. Click "Finish" and now wait with patience the installation to finish!
The time depend from your PC specifivations...
8. When setup finish, REBOOT your PC!
9. On log-on (and ALWAYS) you need to wait some mins about e-CAT Domain Server to start!

Now you are ready to apply the Crack!:
1. Copy in C: or in D: (on the root!) the files from the "Ford e-CAT HotFix" folder
2. Click main Windows button Start then > Run and type: net stop FordEcatAppServer
Wait some seconds till e-CAT domain server to stop to running!
3. Now again click main Windows button Start then > Run and type: cmd
4. Now on cmd window type: CD\
5. IF you using C: partition type: HotFix.cmd C:\FordEcat and push enter
IF you usind D: partition you need in cmd window 1st to go on D: partition
so type CD\ as before in step 3 and then type: D: and push enter
Now you can type: HotFix.cmd D:\FordEcat and push enter
You need again to wait some minutes till e-CAT Domain Server start again
and until you will see in the 1 cmd window:
"All Done! You could run Activation Tool now."
6. Close the cmd window
7. From "Crack! Ford e-CAT 2.2011" folder install Isoview plugin!
8. Now again from the Crack folder copy these files to "X:\FordEcat\"...."\Java\bin\", where "..." is a subfolder of FordEcat folder:

- Activation.cmd
- commons-logging-1.0.4.jar
- ecat_act.jar

then run-execute Activation.cmd from the destination path (ie. "X:\FordEcat\"...."\Java\bin\"),

DO NOT CLOSE the Activation window !!! Just leave it opened and now run Ford e-CAT from your Desktop icon

9. Click "YES" in the IE window and then Ford e-CAT Activation window it will show up
10. In the Site ID fill anything you like such: 12345678
11. Choose "Use proxy" radio button, Manual proxy, **NOT** Auto!
12. Specify (write with YOUR HANDS-KEYBOARD) as a proxy host
13. Fill the port number of proxy with the port number that you watching from
your opened cmd window that running from the Step 8
14. Click "OK"
15. One messages should appear in the IE window for to accept the License about the S/W
& finally, your e-CAT should be Activated!
16. Now use those Access Details:
Username: Admin
Password: sa
17. Choose your Country Market & your Language and go ahead
18. Change the default Password now with another one.
19. Well, ALL DONE! :) You are ready to work with Ford e-CAT! :)

Enjoy!!! :)

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