Fiat MultiEcuScan 1.7 Full + How to install

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Fiat MultiEcuScan 1.7 (registered)+ Key+ How to install

Instructions for registration Fiat Multiecuscan 1.7 software

1) Open file "HDD numbers+Hardware number+keys.txt" then choose one
HD Volume ID ( e.g. 0006-F2CC), then in this horisontal column have:

Hardware ID: 010101077703-7272 and Registration Key Multiecuscan: 01116-10200-007660

2) Run " HDD_Change_Serial_Number.exe" , in left window "Disk (Hard/Floppy) must be "C:" drive !!
In right window "Serial Number" enter in the new HD Volume ID: 0006-F2CC , then press "CHANGE" button.

3) Restart the computer, to ACCEPT the new HDD number !

4) Run and install "SetupMultiecuscan17.msi"

5) Afther installation run Multiecuscan software.

6) Click on "Register" blue button (Above F9 button), then will open "Registration" window.

7) In upper "Hardware key" field you see number: 010101077703-7272
Now, copy/paste NUMBER from the horisontal column ( in this case: 01116-10200-007660)
and ENTER in "License Key" field of "Registration" window

8) Click Ok-confirm reistration.

9) Now Multiecuscan 1.7 Restart, and now is REGISTRED.

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I was trying this on windows 8 and it was giving me an error when I try changing Hard Disk Serial Number. Is it something to do with windows 8?
On step 2 after I put my chosen Serial number and press Change, it pops up with an error. I cannot remember exactly what it is but the Serial number by default didn't change. Any help will be much appreciated.